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Delaware 24 Hour Towing Roadside Assistance Service

How Do They All Connect?

The first link in the chain revolves around cargo. It arrives at a transport hub. It must be screened for security clearance. Logistics operations take over. Destination routes must be devised. By moving this cargo throughout its route, there will be hubs where this entire process will continue. During this entire movement of cargo, passengers can commute freely on and along the transport bus route at no cost. The transportation of the cargo covers the expense for the passenger fare. Moving people, at no cost, along these routes will allow them to spend into the local economies. In addition there will also be other revenue generation methods that will be on the bus and along the routes.

The entire system operates with a "Going Green" concept which will allow for the expense to be spread out evenly through the course of many years. The Fast4wrd Central Operations will be one of the first locations which will connect manufacturing, screening, and flow of passengers to various locations, including the manufacturing and entertainment central hub. Fast4wrd is in the business of being operational 24/7 for both people and cargo. This will provide cost savings throughout the entire process.

Fast4wrd is the inventor of utilizing the iPad, tablet, and smart phone technologies to turn all modes of private and public transportation system into a revenue generating maket place. We reviewed, revisited, and revised a system that is broken and created a revenue base for the private and public transportation market. We established a system of small kiosks to cater to the traveling public on board for their convenience designed onto all modes of transportation, buses, trains and aircraft using the tablet, iPad, and smart phone app system. We are the first in the entire country to turn a revenue which will be able to provide salaries to its employees directly on board these modes of transportation creating a revenue which will support on an annual basis to its employees. Fast4wrd is promoting this nationally to improve the mindset of the traveling public by affording this convenience and reaching out to area businesses and corporate retailers. In closing the economic benefits will allow, for example, during off peak hours and evenings the hauling of cargo, freight, screeened packages and luggage, this will allow for a revenue to support and fund moving passengers freely at no cost to the traveling public across the state of Delaware and Nationwide.

Fast4wrd has teamed up with many local and statewide groups and corporations. The investors range from auto dealerships, insurance agencies, to small mom and pop businesses. The attitude of Fast4wrd attitude is to bring on board as many investors as possible towards our vision in reaching our future goals. It is the goal of Fast4wrd to enter the league of the Fortune 500 membership in the near future. Fast4wrd will be providing shares to be sold within the near future. If you feel the same way we do at Fast4wrd, please contact us. Grow with us to make Fast4wrd the best Auto Club/Towing business in the industry. For further details please contact Fast4wrd at 302-336-8080 for more information.

Delaware 24 Hour Contracted Towing Service

Delaware Towing 24/7 Service - Contract Dispatch Towing in Felton Delaware

Fast4wrd is a 24/7 Delaware towing contracting service. Fast4wrd contracts Towing in Delaware and is located in Central Kent County Delaware. We offer fast response and courteous contract towing in Delaware. We contract our service in and throughout Delaware, Delmarva and the greater Delaware area. We contract only a licensed, bonded and insured towing service in Delaware. Fast4wrd can cover all of your towing and emergency roadside assistance needs 24 hours a day. Our contract towing is located in Delaware and can provide towing service around Delmarva and the state of Delaware. Call Fast4wrd now at 302-336-8080

Electric and Natural Gas Powered Buses

Fast4wrd Solar Power Electric Wind Driven Transportation Bus

It is the goal of Fast4wrd to Going Green, moving local and national transportation towards the mindset of clean, reusable and profitable energy sources. We are in the process of working out and negotiating contracts for various modes of transportation. The vision of our future includes a focus on modes of transportation such as solar, wind, and electric power tow trucks, buses and taxis.

Cargo and Security Screening

Fast4wrd Cargo and Security Screening

Fast4wrd is presently negotiating with numerous air carriers and government agencies to handle movement of their cargo. Presently we have a floorplan in place that will allow for further private sector employment. The concept is simple, we move cargo which saves you money.

Waterpark, Entertainment and Manufacturing Connect

Fast4wrd Waterpark, Entertainment and Manufacturing Connect

Our Team, along with several investors, are presently designing and developing a specific location in the State of Delaware for construction of one of the largest entertainment and waterpark facilities on the East Coast. Combined with manufacturing and business, this project will create several thousand jobs, adding to the local and national economies.

Investor Family at Fast4wrd

Upcoming Concepts and Ideas:

  • New Cable TV and Towing Industries Connect
  • Endeavor to Enter the Fortune 500
  • Investor Shares Available
  • Going Green moving people and freight by bus
  • Private, State and Federal Contractor of cargo
  • Waterpark, Entertainment and Manufacturing Connect